Solution Biz Consultion
Through our successful output form Digital View business, Daum Fingertouch is recognized as the Top company in Interactive Digital Signage filed. This year, we won a contract with the only Airport Railroad in Korea, ‘Korail Airport Railroad’, to build the biggest size of interactive Digital Signage in their stations.
In 2011 we won a contract with Softbank Creative to develop Interactive Digital Signage in all the major land marks and transportation infrastructure in Japan and its first project ‘Reforming FUKUOKA Region’ is about to begin.

Currently, we are giving consulting to several multinational companies from Brazil, Iran, Spain, Azerbaijan and etc. to apply our system in Transportation infra, shopping centre and all the Land Mark areas of their major cities.

If have been looking for customized Interactive Digital Signage for your own purpose,
Daum Fingertouch is ready to give you the best support with reliability and trust.
TEL : 82-2-2052-7800.
Seoul Metro Korea’s biggest Metro system with 120stations, 7.5million passengers per day.
Digital View Name of Interactive Digital Signage business operated by Daum Fingertouch in Seoul Metro. (913sets)